WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise)
Incorporation Services
Kick start your business in China through us and grow with us.
We will help with:
  • Preparation and submission of your application to relevant Chinese authorities
  • Engravement of company chops
  • Introduction of landord (for provision of office address); auditors (for annual audit tender) and bank (for account opening)
  • Tax reporting & fapiao issuing software

WFOE Incorporation Services

WFOE set up package (Note) 6,000

Note: industries requiring additional approval for company establishment and/or incorporated outside Shanghai - to be quoted
WFOE set up package includes the following services and costs:
  • Preparation and submission of application files to relevant Chinese authorities (Ministry of Commerce/MOFTEC, Administration for Industry and Commerce, Market Supervision Bureau, Foreign Exchange Bureau, Tax Bureau, Public Security Bureau)
  • Attending to enquiries raised by the authorities
  • Engravement of company chops and Legal Representative chop of the WFOE
  • Handover of all original legal documents e.g. Business License, chops of the WFOE
  • Free introduction of landord (for provision of office address); auditors (for annual audit tender) and bank (for account opening)
  • Chops engravement costs
  • Tax reporting & fapiao issuing software, if our annual maintenance services are retained

The following activities and corresponding costs for WFOE set up & maintenance are undertaken/borne by the client:
  • Provision of office address for WFOE registration purpose and related costs and fees
  • Notarisation and translation fees (where applicable) relating to corporate shareholders i.e. legal identity documents of corporate shareholder(s) are required to be notarised and translated into Chinese (if applicable)
  • Bank account opening and related fees (if our assistance to open bank account is required - to be separately quoted)
  • Document translation fees. Prevailing translation fee in China is around RMB150 per page.
  • Annual audit fee to be charged by local CPA firm
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