Investor, Work and Study Visas

Nowadays, there are over 50 immigration programs in Canada, some of them are provided by the federal government, some are offered by the provincial authorities.

Depending on your goals and particular personal and financial situation, we will help to explore viable for you immigration options and assist you with free eligibility assessment.
  • Investors
  • For people with net worth of a minimum of 1.6 million Canadian dollars we recommend to explore the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. Being one of the most popular and advantageous options to obtain Canadian permanent residence for the qualified investor and dependent families, this program requires an investment of 800.000 Canadian dollars risk-free through an approved financial intermediary – a broker or a trust company. This passive investment is guaranteed by the government and will be returned in full after five years.

    The Canadian investment programs are based on points (acquired for the managerial experience, education, language proficiency, etc.) and we encourage you to undertake a free assessment in order to have clear visibility of the options available to you.
  • Professionals
  • Skilled workers are welcome to contribute to Canada's economy and as a professional you can either apply under Canada's Federal Skilled Worker Class or through one of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). The main purpose of these programs is to close the gap between supply and demand for skilled labor. Canadian employers are looking for foreign talent and if you have obtained a job offer from a local employer, you may even qualify for the fast-track application procedure.

    The applicant must possess the required employment skills, education and work experience and must intend to live in the selected province.
  • Students
  • Canada boasts one of the world’s best Universities & Institutions system in post-secondary education and ranks the 7th most popular destination for studies abroad. After successfully completing a minimum 1-year course from an approved institution, the student is able to obtain a work permit in order to take up employment in Canada.

    We can assist you in selecting and securing admission in one of the Canadian universities / colleges as well as securing your work permit after completing your studies.