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We will help with:
  • Registration of your company with the Company Registrar and Inland Revenue Department (IRD)
  • Assistance in the opening of a corporate account
  • Registered office & correspondence address
  • Managing your business with Company Secretary, Accounting, Tax and CFO advisory services
  • Trademark and special license applications and registrations
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Corporate Bank Account

Masson de Morfontaine Limited appreciates that entrepreneurs need a business account and a full-fledged bank account to run their businesses efficiently. We can help you obtain multi-currency accounts from as quickly as a week from application submission:
  1. Get a virtual multi-currency IBAN number and MasterCard in under a week through our partners in Hong Kong
  2. Apply for a Hong Kong bank account through us and get an account opening pre-approval without travelling to Hong Kong initially
  3. Apply for a Chinese non-resident bank account for your entity without the need to travel to China
  4. Get an offshore bank account from a fully licensed bank and a Union Pay card from Wanfuteng Bank Limited, our sister company

FAQ about Hong Kong company incorporation

  • Why Hong Kong?

    Simple tax regime: profits tax rate for foreign and local companies for the first HK$2 million of profits is only 8.25%.

    Opening and maintaining a business in Hong Kong is easy and cost-effective: you can open a Hong Kong company in 5 working days and maintain it for under HK$10,000 per year.

    Ideal location for logistics and shipping in and out from mainland China.

    The freest economy in the world (in 2019 the Heritage Foundation granted Hong Kong the first place in the ranking for the 25th consecutive year). Hong Kong pursues the policy of free trade and safeguard the free movement of goods, intangible assets and capital.

    Major international business and financial centre based on common law system.

    Highly skilled multilingual workforce.
  • What type of limited liability company can I register in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong limited liability company can be a private company or a public company, it can be limited by shares or by guarantee.

    Private company limited by shares is the most common type of company registered in Hong Kong. This is a separate legal entity with limited liability for its owners and strong public perception. Maximum number of shareholders for a private limited company is 50.

    Public company limited by shares is a business entity offering its shares to the public; therefore, the number of shareholders can be more than 50.

    Companies limited by guarantee don’t have share capital. Their members guarantee to contribute a predetermined sum to the company to cover its liabilities in the event of the winding up of the company. This legal structure is more suitable for non-profit organizations.
  • How long does it take to register a company?

    Standard timeframe for company incorporation is 3 to 5 working days (subject to approval time required by the Companies Registry).
  • What are the requirements for company incorporation and what documents will you need from me?


    • Registered physical address in Hong Kong

    • At least one secretary who should be a local resident or a locally-incorporated company. In case of a sole director/shareholder, the same person cannot be the company secretary

    • A minimum of 1 director, no maximum requirement. Must be a natural person of any nationality over 18 years of age. A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50 shareholders. Can be a company or a person of any nationality over 18 years of age. The director can also be the shareholder

    • Share capital - although there is no minimum requirement, the general practice is to have an authorized share capital of HKD 10,000

    Individual shareholders and directors have to provide the following documents:

    1. Certified copy by a notary public or other official entity of the first two pages of the passport

    2. Certified copy by a notary public or other official entity of the justification of domicile (utility bill, telephone bill)

    Company shareholders have to provide the following documents:

    1. Certified copy of the memorandum of association

    2. Certified copy of certificate of incorporation

    3. Certified copy of shareholders and directors

    4. Certified copy of non-bankruptcy certificate
  • What is the registration process?

    1. Send and Scan document to us for quotation
    Or CONTACT US for more details
    2. We will contact you for incorporation details
    3. We will contact you for identity verification and supporting documents within 24 business hours
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