Everything you need to know about office spaces in Hong Kong

Everything you need to know about office spaces in Hong Kong

Congratulations on your decision to start a business in Hong Kong! Setting up a business in a foreign country and maintaining its success is already a difficult task, not to mention its costs. Hong Kong is known for the ease of business incorporation, but do you know that it’s also the most expensive place to rent an office in the world? The current rates for prime buildings in the Central district can go up to 200 HKD per sq feet… Are you still there?

Let’s look at different options you have to set up your base.

Private Physical Office

This option may be the best if you open an office for a foreign company or already have a good experience in running your own business, especially if you plan to hire staff.

The average size of office space in Hong Kong is 2 to 5 workstations. Most of the providers are quite flexible with office layout and will let you remake the space from scratch to fit your style.

Check these popular office districts:

  1. Central (populated by banking, financial and consulting industries)
  2. Wan Chai (preferred by small and medium-sized businesses of any kind)
  3. Tsim Sha Tsui (commercial district favored by businesses who are targeting the Mainland China market)

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Co-working Space

If renting your own physical office seems too expensive, thankfully, co-working spaces have sprouted all over Hong Kong. Have you heard about Campfire, Garage Society or The Hive? There are several dozens of them.

They offer hot desks (desk shared among members), dedicated desks (rented out to one particular member) and private office cubicles. You may get a day or a weekly pass or purchase a monthly membership to use the space. The fees for a day pass range from 80 to 350 HKD, with some of the spaces offering free two-day trials.

Co-working spaces usually provide business concierge service, high-speed internet, power sockets and catering facilities, not to mention excellent networking opportunities with other young companies and entrepreneurs. Some of them even host regular talks and workshops on many different subjects to help entrepreneurs boost motivation and creativity.

Virtual Office

You don’t always need to pay exorbitant amounts of money for rental, setting up internet, telephone lines, electricity bills, cleaning, etc. If you are a start-up or want to get maximum return from your business with minimum investment without being stuck in a set location, consider renting a virtual office.

Virtual office in Hong Kong is a package of services that may include:

  1. Postal address for correspondence with the Government and receipt of other mails and parcels
  2. Business address for company incorporation, business cards and letterheads
  3. Designated telephone line with a multilingual receptionist who will answer on calls on your behalf
  4. Voicemail to email function
  5. Conference room that you can use on an ad hoc basis on a discounted rate

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